Video for the DMC and Events Planner

Video for the DMC and Events Planner

The design stage of any MICE project is where you get the most creative. During the event, you’re too busy to enjoy it because you are making sure everything is running according to plan and solving issues that pop out of nowhere (like that inebriated guest who has just jumped on a table singing an 80’s classic).

After a thumbs up from the client following a successful event, you’re back at the office working on the next project. Do you keep media from your event? Most event organisers will have their own photographer or even a videographer but usually the film is taken in a way to represent the event itself and not the organisational aspect.

A great way to market yourself or company is to create a video montage of the details you as a DMC are managing, often behind the senses, during the incentives, meetings, conferences and events that you organise. Videos used for incentives can have various uses: a memento of the incentive; a teaser for the following year; and as a marketing tool. Video production is today becoming cheaper and gadgets such as the GoPro and drones have opened new levels for creativity.

Earlier this year, we handled the local logistics for The 2015 IFA Global Press Conference, where 400 delegates from all over the world flew to Malta to attend this exciting event. We decided to produce a short video to demonstrate exactly how creatively 20Twenty organises conferences, meetings and events. We can explain what experiences we created, but a video speaks more than a thousand words.

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