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Nature Trust Malta - A turtles journey

Nature Trust Malta - A turtles journey

It’s been a long journey for our dear friends, who have been released back into the Mediterranean for yet another chance to live a hopeful and happy life! 6 adult turtles where released this month, Cicco, Jerry and Aladeen on the 8th July from Gnejna Bay whilst Moon, Robin and Tiny Tim made the Gozotan headlines being the first set of turtles released from Hondoq ir Rummien.

There isn’t enough praise given to all the volunteers, led by Nature Trust (Malta) Executive President Vincent Attard, a truly dedicated team who work and commit their energy to protect and assist these creatures who in turn help us keep our waters clean. Yet it is sad that till this very day we still find and hear about turtles and other sea creatures having to battle their lives due to waste we throw in our seas, carelessly and without modesty to how harmful this can be to all inhabitants, not to mention that this is costing money to assist these animals to make it back to where they belong!

Nature Trust (Malta) thanks the people at the Malta Aquaculture Research Centre, The Environment Directorate of the Malta Environment and Planning Authority, Veterinary Surgeon Anthony Grupetta and the turtle adopters who contribute towards raising funds for the medical expenses and for the building of the Wildlife Rehab Centre at Xrobb l-Ghagin, which will have a capacity of 30 tanks, an operating theatre, an Intensive Care Unit and an interactive education room.

Adopting a turtle is a unique way of helping these people cope with the daily expenses. With just a few euros you can adopt your own turtle, whilst being informed of the progress and finally being invited to witness the release. http://www.naturetrustmalta.org/how-you-can-help/adopt-a-turtle/

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