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Joseph Calleja – The Maltese Tenor in concert

Joseph Calleja – The Maltese Tenor in concert

Bravo Bravo bravo to our talented Maltese Tenor, who needs no introduction both locally and more so internationally…..

I had been hearing all about these past concerts Joseph Calleja had been having in the recent years…positive feedback, not one bad or moderate comment, and although I must admit I never was a big fan of Opera music I always wished I would attend, but never got down to buying a set of tickets for one reason or another. This year was a bit different, maybe because I felt there was more publicity and the standing area was offered to the general public for free which I believe is a great initiative for those who might not afford a ticket to attend such a concert.

I had this brilliant idea to take the public transport to Valletta since parking would have been a challenge in itself, but that didn’t quite work…an hour on the bus stage and not one bus to Valletta, with 8 O’clock approaching my husband and I succumbed to the idea of ever getting there on time so we decided to go for plan B and take our own car and head towards Valletta and enjoy the bumpy ride there…found this spot, which was nothing like a parking space never the less a good laugh! Arrived in Floriana and off we went to find our seat. Great spot! very good lighting and mega screens bringing the artists up-close! The concert started with the national orchestra playing a solo, led by Maestro Steven Mercurio, already very enchanting and drifting to a good place. Second number was by the man himself, a great Joseph who had a well-balanced line up ready for us, with a captivating voice and a warm smile he also had his very first debut, singing in Russian amongst other languages he’s very familiar with, namely French, Italian and Spanish. Joseph was accompanies by equally talented artist, Zucchero, Rebecca Ferguson, who shot to fame after claiming runner-up spot in the UK X Factor, the surprise guest star Riccardo Cocciante who performed his very own Margherita and the Maltese Dj’s having a great spot in the top world’ DJ’s from around the worls, Tenisha and our humble Malta’s singing doctor Gianluca who amazed the crown not only with his “Tomorrow” but more so with the duet sang with Joseph Calleja….”Xemx” (Sun).  As well as the amazing Joseph Calleja BOV children’s choir, a remarkable backing sound led by soprano Gillian Zammit,

The concert came to its end past midnight to the bis of Miserere sang by Zucchero Fornaciari and Joseph Calleja. Standing ovation…A brilliant yearly event!

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