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CNN: The world’s 10 best islands. Is Malta in?

CNN: The world’s 10 best islands. Is Malta in?

There is always a sense of pleasure when reputable companies and individuals around the world mention and praise the Maltese Islands. Recently CNN placed Malta in “The world’s 10 best islands”. Being a quality assured DMC it brings us great satisfaction to know that the Islands of Malta and Gozo are being recognised as awesome destinations to discover.

“Malta is evidence that you don’t need palm trees poor daiquiris to be one of the world’s most tantalising islands. Limestone cliffs are dotted with baroque churches, crumbling castles walls, and fortresses.”
The only feat not mentioned in CNN’s article is that Malta’s sea quality is the highest in Europe!
Read the article here: http://edition.cnn.com/2015/07/08/travel/world-best-islands/


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