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A Tourist's Love at First Sight

A Tourist's Love at First Sight

We had the good fortune of experiencing the Maltese way of life for the past two weeks and I hardly think I have the right words to describe what I feel. We adore the country, love the people and marveled at its ancient history, rich in culture and proud heritage. The splendor of its majestic natural beauty is something I have never seen before, and I have travelled to many other countries over the years.

We stayed with friends and met many locals: the friendliest, warm and open hearted people, at ease with who they are and extremely proud. I saw grandmothers and grandchildren bopping in the lukewarm ocean holding hands, families strolling on the promenade in Sliema, enjoying the cooler evening air. I felt like the Maltese were long lost family and that I have finally come home to.

The Pastizzi were divine, the hobz biz-zejt I ordered again and again, glugged down with bottles of Kinnie, and many gelaterias profits surely went up during our time there!

The fact that drivers obey the law and stop for pedestrians to cross the roads is something I am not used to. parking one's car, done on an honors principle, is a rare sight indeed in today's hectic world.

In addition, all drivers patiently allow the hectic flow of traffic to meander its course by letting in others in front of them, sometimes unspoken, sometimes by the mere wave of a hand. How gracious. It was like being witness to a mechanical ballet of huge proportions.

Buses bussed on time, ferries ferried on time and scenery at the Azure Window, the Inland Sea in Gozo and drooled at the Blue Lagoon in Comino; I was rendered speechless by the beauty of St, John's Cathedral in Valletta.

As an artist myself, Malta is a place of visual heaven: I was humbled, I was mesmerized, I was in awe. The inspiration I will derive from what I saw and what we experienced will last me a lifetime, but heed: I have seen so very little of what Malta still has on offer...so we will be back for more, very soon.

This is what Leonard Van den Berg a South African citizen had to say about our beautiful islands. This means a lot as we at 20Twenty believe that this is what each and every holiday maker, delegate or business traveler should see and experience when visiting Malta.

This is an interview by Jeremy Maggs with the Minister of Tourism, Director for Tourism at the Ministry for Gozo and H.E. Nomatemba Tambo.

Interview by Jeremy Maggs with the Minister of Tourism, Director for Tourism at the Ministry for Gozo and H.E. Nomatemba Tambo
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