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What NOT to Wear - At wedding parties

What NOT to Wear - At wedding parties

We might have come across the famous TV program which captures poor women in need of serious make overs or better use of their wardrobe or guidance on how to adapt on changing bodies. Miraculously these women are not only transformed from the outside but somehow manage to get that confidence surface all the way out from the inside too. This has inspired me to perhaps put a wee list of some things we should consider when we are invited to a wedding and perhaps confused on what to wear and whether that particular item would cut it for such an event.

With the Wedding season round the corner lets all make sure we don’t fall into any wardrobe malfunctions shall we!

Too short ‘n too tight
Maybe for a bachelorette party, Clubbing….not for a wedding! Skimpy dresses are to be left at home where they belong. Enough Said!!

Conservative Suits
Let’s leave this attire for the men. It might be an option only if it involves a skirt, other then that go for option B

An upstager dress
Remember the bride needs to shine on this day, tone it down you don’t want to be the one screaming look at me now!

Luckily we don’t see much of this at weddings, however we have come across a few, mostly men who might want to make a fashion forward statement by wearing Jeans with a more elegant jacket! Trust me it doesn’t go down well with the wedding couple. If you want to make a more fashionable statement, a nice elegant suit with a pair of nice converse pumps would make the number.

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