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Wed in Malta Blog - Interview with Vicky from Victoire Hair Salon

Wed in Malta Blog - Interview with Vicky from Victoire Hair Salon

Wed in Malta Blog – Interview with Vicky from Victoire Hair Salon

An interview with Vicky from Victiore hair and nails in San Gwann, Whilst doing the interview I noticed immediately that Vicky kept doing an emphasis on the “WE”.  Although the owner and manager of the salon, she considers herself part of the team, her extended family, she calls it in one of her answers given in the interview. With many weddings and events coming up later on this year and many more next year, she hopes to be able to always be inspired as she’s been in the past 10 years.

Where did you attend cosmetology school and how long have you been licensed?

I started as a stylist 16 years ago, in a family business but ten years ago I took the plunge and ventured in making my dream come true and opened my own salon in 2002.

I took all courses with Toni and Guy Malta Academy and was certified with a Diploma which gave me the license to practice what I love doing most.

What other certifications do you have that entices brides to your expertise?

I consider myself a very creative person, so some years back I took an advanced bridal upstyle course to help me with the basics, and keep myself adjourned on the latest fashion trends

What inspires your style?

I just love following italian fashion, so i m always on the look out for latest trends

What single hair product is most important for a bride to have on her wedding day?

A good strong hold hair spray which can be combed out easily works wonders  which keeps that frizz, the ultimate enemy at bay

Should a bride attempt a makeover style for her wedding day or keep her look the same?

Depends on the bride. If she considers herself to be conservative, then my suggestion would be to never attempt something different for the day, but if a bride is adventurous and wants something different, why not, without going overboard one could look different and have a fresh look for the day.

Should a bride wash her hair the day of the wedding?

I always suggest to my brides to wash their hair a day or two before the big day, it is always better to work with hair which is air dried, saves time, doesn’t damage the hair as much, and avoids those flyaway hair locks

What is one of the top trends right now for bridal style?

At the moment the 50s pin up look is very much in fashion

What is the best piece of advice you have for a bride to be?

To keep calm and focused on what she would like to look like on the day, never to get sidetracked or get influenced by others and to enjoy this very day as it passes so quickly.

What has been the most unusual request you’ve had?

Well I had this client with long beautiful silky hair, who had been dwelling on cutting her hair before their going away at the hall, I was on stand by and whilst she went in for a more casual change of clothes, I gave her that short pixie haircut and we donated her tresses to locks for love, who make wigs for alopecia and cancer sufferers. We still do this at the salon when people come in to go from long to short, there is nothing better than helping out others in need.

What’s your favorite part of the job?

When I exceed the client’s expectations…the look on the brides face is simply priceless

What’s the hardest part of your job?

Consultation is one of the hardest things, Client often comes in with pictures of what they would want their hair style to look like, and it’s not always possible to achieve the same look, given that features would be different, perhaps the length of hair wouldn’t be the same, to name a couple..

On average, how many weddings are you commissioned for?

We always have about 15 weddings throughout the year, the most popular season would have to be spring and it’s also my favorite, as the air is still fresh and crisp, there is very little humidity and it favors up styles and fine hair beautifully.

How far in advance should clients book their wedding day appointment?

A month before would be fine to book in advance, we get enough time to do a few trials, get to know all the like and dislikes and most importantly build that rapport. I always suggest going for a trim two weeks prior the big day, perhaps a fresh colour or a re-touch, it gives ample time for the hair to settle and the bride to get accustomed to the colour.

What happens when a bride books a trial run with you in the salon?

We first discuss what she would have in mind, some brides would have had a picture of themselves walking down the aisle for a very long time… it’s important to also discuss the wedding theme, as an example, in case the theme is classic and elegant one would avoid modern hair updos, the wedding dress itself is a very important element to talk about, and again very important the head piece, tiara, broach or whatever would have been purchased or looked at and the veil in case there is one. After that I always like to try a number of options and let the bride to be to go home think about and get back, especially in the case where there would be more than one plausible option.

How do you keep your cool under all the pressure of a bride’s wedding day?

I always try to keep a relaxing yet fun atmosphere at the salon, music is key, we are known for our friendly staff at our salon and it comes natural to make the bride feel very important on this day, we have been doing this for quite some time, so the fact that we keep calm automatically makes the bride and her entourage come along the same way. We make sure to get it right the first time, to avoid putting the bride on edge, work efficiently and never lose the sense of time as this would put off track all other appointments

Why would I want to book with you for my bridal hair? What sets you apart from your competition?

I am honest and upfront and I don’t promise something I cannot achieve and my team work just in the same mannor. The salon itself is very casual and welcoming and we are just like an extended family, we have clients who have been coming every wekk with no fail for a number of years, some from the very day we’ve taken over the salon. We get recommended by our clients on a regular basis and most importantly we don’t take more than we can chew, we don’t mind refusing business, we are after giving a star service and let our clients remain our clients, return business is our priority. We work with any styles be it classical, modern, pin up, the works. We have an eye for detail and we keep ourselves adjourned with latest trends at all times.

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