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Music entertainment for weddings and events

Music entertainment for weddings and events

So last week I had the opportunity to meet one of the best and famous local artists Kurt Callejawho also represented us and set a place in the finals during the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest in Baku. Kurt is a down to earth an approachable person who is passionate about what he loves doing most. MUSIC!

The intention was for me to understand how we could propose him and his talented band for weddings on the Maltese islands, this was one of the simplest tasks so far,” Yes” was the answer, as undoubtedly, Kurt and his band love performing and entertaining guests at weddings and events and do a great job too. The energy and enthusiasm was sincere and as much as I have seen bands playing just for the sake of playing as it’s their job to do so, it’s a breath of fresh air to listen to someone talk so passionately about the job and the role in fulfilling the needs and reach the expectations of the special couple and guests alike. “There isn’t a dull moment with Kurt’s playlist in a wedding, my new wife, our friends, family and myself had a great time dancing and singing alongside Kurt. “He is a born entertainer…” – a quote by Kyle Bugeja who has recently booked Kurt and his band for the big day,  after seeing his performance  at another wedding her and her husband where invited to.

Let’s face it, weddings are a growing market and a big expense to both the family who might throw the party for a beloved son or daughter or the wedding couple themselves who would have started putting money aside for this day from years ahead, needless to say that if we all put ourselves in their shoes no matter how many weddings we’ve been invited to, we would all appreciate the fact that the bubble with all the accumulated stress is something we wouldn’t wish would burst on that very day! Bridezillas are made in process not born as such!

We are lucky to have great suppliers and professional people who really know this market inside and out and each and every wedding is executed as the very first one, with the same attention to detail, enthusiasm and care.

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