Malta International Airport - A €78 million investment

Malta International Airport - A €78 million investment

Malta International Airport (MIA) is set to invest €78 million after clenching higher profits in 2015 and successfully registering its 45th consecutive month of passenger growth.

Alan Borg, the CEO of Malta International Airport, in his interview with the Times of Malta, expressed his concern for detail.

“If the detail is right, everything else falls into place. Detail is what Malta needs in its every aspect to continue attracting more tourists”.

For instance, restrooms at Malta International Airport are equipped with digital voting systems that allow guests to rate their experience. Responses are relayed in real time so three consecutive negative votes will alert cleaners to examine the toilets. His vision is to have more voting systems around the airport to better the airport’s services in real time and act upon complaints. Till now, only the toilets and the security areas are installed with voting systems. Mr. Borg boasts that 80% of customers were satisfied or very satisfied with the performance of the security area.

Mr. Borg says that 2015 gave the company a better understanding go how to shape the terminal and airport grounds.

€28 million is going to be spent on upgrading the terminal building and should start in October.

In the first phase, the security area is going to be transferred to the first floor. The security area will benefit from an increase of screening machines which should increase capacity by double and reduce wait times by half. This operation, which is programmed to take 18 months to complete, will also include the installation of six more check-in desks in the departures lounge.

In the second phase of the project, a new wing will be constructed alongside the existing terminal which will add 14 check-in desks and four new gates on the first floor.

The remaining investment, €40 million, is going to be spent on the construction of Sky Parks 2 - an office block and business hotel.

Mr. Borg is confident that this investment is going to better the overall experience at Malta International Airport and open up new opportunities for investment.


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