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6 Festivals you cannot miss in Malta this summer!

6 Festivals you cannot miss in Malta this summer!

You certainly cannot miss out on the activities  happening in Malta in the upcoming months of Summer. Along with the numerous village feasts, summer on the Maltese Islands hosts festivals celebrating fine wine, art, music, film making and even beer drinking!


Valletta Film Festival – 15 June to 12 June 2015


The festival is Europe’s newest film event, a first for Malta. A total of 45 feature films will be presented and discussed by the filmmakers themselves in five locations around Valletta, Europe’s smallest capital city. The competition will not only attract filmmakers and film stars but it will offer great entertainment to families and friends.

Malta Arts Festival – 28 June to 12 July, 2015

Expect anything that is considered art during this yearly festival, from theatre and dance to music and paintings all presented by renowned Maltese and International artists. The venues where all these activities happen are all historical places, a piece of art in their own right. The Malta Arts Festival is held in different venues such the Mediterranean Conference Centre, the MITP Theatre and the St. James Cavalier Centre for Creativity in Valletta. Some of the presentations are free of charge.

The Malta Jazz and Rock Festival – 19 July to 21 July, 2015

Three nights full of international jazz in the middle of the Mediterranean. The Malta Jazz Festival is now in its 25th edition  and will be held open air against a unique scenery beneath Valletta’s stronghold at Ta’ Liesse, where the Grand Harbour bastions meet the sea. The festival boasts of high-calibre performances from world-famous artists, when history and contemporary music come together to the delight of jazz lovers and music enthusiasts alike.

The Farsons Great Beer Festival – July 27 to August 5, 2015

This 10-day festival is all about music, food and, of course, good beer ideally enjoyed with family or friends. At the Farsons Great Beer Festival in the small village of Ta’ Qali, it’s all about good music, good food and, of course, good beer. Several thousand visitors are expected to attend the free 10-day festival. The programme is filled with lots of entertainment and activities, and a large selection of bars offer food and drink. Numerous live performances featuring hot local musicians and bands can be enjoyed at the open-air stage. For anyone interested in this festival, the entrance is free!

The Marsovin Wine Festival – July 10 to 12, 2015

The Marsovin Summer Wine Festival is a fusion of good wine, food and music.  This 5th edition will be held at Hastings gardens in Valletta, an amazing location enjoying majestic views from the Valletta bastions overlooking the Yacht Marina and Sliema harbour. Live acts, chill out music, Asian and Mediterranean food including Maltese traditional dishes all contribute towards a most satisfying and enjoyable evening in the company of good wine. The event has always adopted a token system in exchange of wine, this encourages patrons to taste and enjoy the large variety of quality wines made available, without over consuming.

The Delicata Classic Wine Festival –  6 August to 9 August, 2015

Along the four-day festival, the Upper Barrakka in Valletta fills with jovial people listening to the live music and visiting one boot after another trying as many different wines as they like. You will definitely enjoy the vibe of The Delicata Classic Wine Festival! Entrance is free but if you want to drink wine, you just have to purchase a wristband and a souvenir glass (which is then yours to keep) and try as many of the twenty wines on offer as you like, as often as you like. No glasses will be sold or alcohol poured to anyone under the age of 17.

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