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5 Good Reasons to set sail in Malta this year

5 Good Reasons to set sail in Malta this year

With summer fast approaching, the sun is already warming our islands each time it manages to escape through the thick winter clouds. The holiday vibe is upon us,  and we thought we’d share a few insights on why we believe your next holiday should be to set sail in Malta.

We have kick-ass weather. From June to August, the average temperature is 28%C with an average sea temperature of 25%C. The slight winds make it the perfect setting to set sail in Malta.

Our lush Mediterranean waters coupled with fantastic sandy and rocky beaches lure you to hop from one beach to the other in no time. With each stop, you will be able to lay back and relax in waters only accessible by boat.

As if the vast, beautiful clean sea around Malta is not enough, Gozo and Comino, the two sister islands also offer a superb sailing adventure with stunning coastal waters and picturesque bays to swim, relax and dine.

Malta has diverse attractions to offer whether an exciting array of entertainment for the party lover or a more serene programme for the laid back tourist. If you plan to sail in Malta with your family, the island offers great relaxed places and a safe environment. If however you prefer to sail in Malta with your buddies, you can rest assured that your days and nights will be packed with fun, parties and adventure.

Malta will again be hosting MTV Malta 2015.  This popular music event will make a quick three day sailing getaway even more fun and worthwhile. More info on MTV Malta 2015 here.

As sailing enthusiasts, we know that the sun setting whilst under sail at sea is a sight to behold and this will surely be on our itinerary for your trip around the beautiful secluded bays watching the magnificent scenery in warm tranquil cyan waters. A perfect moment to end that perfect relaxed day at sea. The team at JustCruizing is waiting to hear from you to plan your next sail in Malta holiday.

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