Feels like October

Feels like October

Conducting site inspections during the winter months is always a bit of a gamble. Although the Maltese climate is mild in winter, DMCs fear these months because of their unpredictability. When we were asked to organise a site inspection in December the first question that we asked ourselves is: why could this have been scheduled for late autumn or early spring?

This year, waking up in December was like doing so in balmy October. We were blessed with 18 degrees of pure sunshine and with little-to-no wind throughout the month. We planned our visit to Gozo on the first day after arrival just in case the weather decided to pull a fast one. We couldn’t have asked for a better day. Our client loved the fact that Gozo is a third the size of Malta, more rural and much more tranquil. Together, we crossed the few nautical miles of the Gozo channel by speedboat and then jumped on a 4x4 to visit picturesque locations, the pristine coastlines travelling through the untouched country trails. Along the way, we stopped at a baroque church that rose from the heart of a small village and visited a traditional farmhouse within the rural landscape. Lunch was at one of our favourite restaurants right on the water’s edge in the sleepy Xlendi creek. Getting up after a hearty Gozitan meal in glorious sunshine and washed down with a local wine followed by liquors was the hardest part of the day!! We rounded off the day with a soothing sunset cruise in a fishing boat from the inland sea in Dwejra out through a narrow fissure in the rock out to the open sea and visited the caves around the Azure Window. The sea was a vibrant blue as the sun penetrated all the way down 40 metres of crystal clear waters to reveal a rainbow of colours formed by the corals encrusting the sides.

We promise, no filters were used on the camera!


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