By The Sea – Brad & Jolie

By The Sea – Brad & Jolie

By The Sea, which was exclusively filmed on the Island of Gozo in the valley of Mgarr ix-Xini, marks the return of Angelina and Brad as onscreen lovers. The last time they were on screen together was on the set of Mr. And Mrs. Smith but the trailer will disappoint anyone hoping to see the stormy sparks of their previous film.

Set in 70's Paris, 'By The Sea' threads  Vanessa (Jolie) and Roland (Pitt) as they deal with their disturbed marriage. He’s a novelist and she’s a ex dancer who may resent his continuous success. In the trailer, he’s seems to be working on his new piece while she fails to even do one plié.
The couple travel to a small seaside town along the French coast to try to repair their relationship, but mostly keep to themselves at first. He writes and smokes, she cries and smokes. The root of their problems isn’t revealed in the trailer, though Roland does ask Vanessa if they’re ever going to talk about “it”. Presumably it refers to the causes of their troubles.
Angelina wrote and directed 'By The Sea'. Recently she confessed to borrowing emotions from her life for the tenser scenes. Most people know of her real-life marriage to Pitt, as happy as it may seem to outsiders, goes through ups and downs like everybody else. Whether or not you root for team Brangelina it’s jarring to see Pitt and Jolie clash in the manner that they do in the trailer.
By The Sea hits theatres on November 13 2016.

By The Sea Official Trailer
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